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About this calendar...
Hybridizing daylilies is a popular pastime. It is easy and there is great satisfaction in being able to create and grow daylilies that nobody else on the planet has. Hybridizing can be done on a small scale so many daylily growers have tried their hand at it. Daylily hybridizing can be done casually or scientifically and every level in between. Many do it with absolutely no record keeping while others keep very detailed records.

The objective of this calendar is to share the methods I use in my hybridizing during each month of the year. This isn't to suggest that my methods are superior in any way to other methods. In fact, there are almost as many individual methods as there are hybridizers. My hope is that you may find something useful here to help you develop your own methods.

I am located in Houston Texas which is about 75 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. This gives me mild winters and long, hot summers both of which influence when is best for dividing and seed planting. Those in a colder climate will have much different schedule for dividing and seed planting.

I enjoy computers so I use them extensively to keep records of my hybridizing. It has even been suggested that I am a little 'obsessive' in my record keeping. Be assured that you do not have to be anywhere near as organized as I am about record keeping. You can completely enjoy creating your own daylilies without keeping any records whatsoever. You can get great satisfaction out of just spreading a little pollen and planting the resulting seeds. I know... that's how I started!