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February 18th, 2018

We finally had a few days without rain and the ground dried enough to dig. So yesterday morning I hand dug a small bed, working in some leaf mold compost. But before I could transplant anything, the rain started up again. This morning was dry and I transplanted the daylilies into the bed. They looked surprizingly good considering the hard freezes we received this winter and that they have been growing in 1.5 gallon pots for the past 18 months. The rain has been a challenge to getting things done this spring but the daylilies are looking great because of it.

Seedling 16-131

Seedling 16-131 has 7" blooms on 27" scapes. It has shown to have good growing habits even while still in the seedling bed. It comes from the cross (Elegant Expressions X Sarah Starchak).

February 14th, 2018

I'm still waiting for the yard guy to till up the beds so I can transplant the daylilies. He can only do it on weekends and I believe it has rained for the past four weekends. I am SOOOO chomping at the bit to get started!

On a more positive note, the potted daylilies are looking great. All the rain has caused them to put on a flush of new growth even with nighttime temperatures frequently dropping into the 30's.

Seedlilng 16-134

Seedling 16-134 has 5.5" blooms on 29" scapes. It comes from the cross (Bella Vita X Sir Francis Drake).

February 8th, 2018

The daylilies are recovering from the freezes nicely. The new foliage is crisp and green. The recent rain has helped I'm sure. Unfortunately, the rain has prevented my yard guy from tilling the beds and more rain is forcast for this coming weekend.

Seedling 05-033

I've been growing today's seedling for about 13 years. It has a bud count in the mid 20's on well branched scapes and is a good grower. It has the qualifications for registration however it has a tendency for the blooms to hang and not open properly sometimes. They hang just often enough for me to hold off registering it. The blooms are off-white with a slight pink blush and green throat which I find quite attractive when they open properly.

February 4th, 2018

I just walked thru the daylilies checking for aphids. Good news! I couldn't find a single living aphid, just some corpses and a bunch of shed skins. Before spraying (see previous post), some of the newely emerging foliage was shriveled due to the large number of aphids sucking the juices. Today, the daylilies are already looking much better.

Seedling 14-013

Seedling 14-013 has 5" blooms on 20" scapes and comes from the cross (Mississippi Memento X Wild Cherry Round Up). With a bud count of 20 and 4-way branching, I'm keeping my eye it on for possible registration.

February 1st, 2018

Yesterday I finished spreading leaf mold compost on the front yard. I spoke with my yard guy last night to let him know I'm ready for him to till all the beds. Now he just has to work it into his schedule, hopefully fairly quickly so I can begin transplanting the daylilies.

The aphids have arrived in full force with just about all the daylilies being affected. Most have a heavy infestation sucking the juices from the newly emerging foliage. The winter freezes have killed off the ladybugs and lacewings so there's no natural predators to keep them in check. Even the assassin bugs have disappeared. Having experienced more than one hard freeze this winter, I didn't want the daylilies to be set back any further so this morning I sprayed with a systemic insecticide. The systemic should keep them under control for 3-4 weeks until the aphid eaters can make a comeback.

Seedling 16-086

This is seedling 16-086. It has 5.5" blooms on 24" scapes. I don't have parentage info however.

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